Moving with his trademark grace, a furred man crept down the dark stone hall, tail twitching at every sound or movement. At the end of the hall was a chamber, twenty five feet tall, near forty feet square, carved from mud-stone.

In the center of the room was a large, but simple structure, made from fine hard woods, and rare stone. The walls beyond had carved pillars and archways, each embossed with a different weapon, or mystical runes, or tool of trade. This was indeed a Temple of the Thousand Armed God, a place built to honor a god made flesh from the neighboring kingdom 'The Diamond Throne.'

A shadow, less graceful, but by no means quiet, appeared at the mans shoulder, joining him in over looking the chamber 'Cerebos, we need to hurry, we're being followed'

Cerebos turned his head to look at his companion, a man of bronzed skin, his face hidden under a hood of fine hemp, with dark blonde hair escaping under the edges. Upon the mans chin was a rune, marking the man as an abomination in the eyes of the 'Silver Shadows', a half-breed.

'Vega, your Over Watch'

With a curt nod Vega slipped into a branching path back down the hall, leaving Cerebos to scamper down the ledge with fluid grace, tumble and slip into the shadows of the building, all without a single sound.

Using his hand as a guide, Cerebos followed the walls, his head turning in all directions as he made sure the coast was clear for the job to begin. Satisfied that the coast was clear Cerebos crawled through the first access point, knife at the ready.

Inside the small temple was richly furnished with dark red fabrics, the walls a mural of people, farmers, tanners, blacksmiths, with all the light being fed over the scene by a man in a rich blue coat, objects hovering behind his outstretched hands. Eric Cooper, the God of a Thousand arms, Protector of the Plains of the Diamond Throne, Scholar of the People, God-made-flesh.

Cerebos, muttering a shadow of a prayer, or maybe a curse, moved towards the cabinet at the back of the room, retrieving a wrapped bundle from the shrine inside. The bundle contained a weapon rumored to be wielded by the god himself during early years in fostering the religion, a crystalline weapon said to be forged from the souls of demons.

'Your under arrest Cerebos!'

A pair of men and women stood at the entrance to the temple, armed and ready. The one who had spoken, a Sirius with the face of a beagle, wearing ropes of dark magenta had stepped into the room, staff held before him.

'Yakut Hundur, of course they would send you, DOG of the people' Cerebos turned to face his long time rival, stowing the package in the back of his belt as he did so 'Though I see you brought some extra muscle'

Behind Yakut stood three, another Sirius with the dark sharp face of a German Shepard in the heavy plate worn by the Disciples. The other two were women marked as abominations, one upon the check under the eye, the other upon the forehead, dressed in finely crafted leather coats, armed with swords.

'Cerebos, you are not getting away this time, I will see you hanged for this!'

Cerebos grinned, his sharp feline teeth giving a more sinister appearance 'No old friend, not in this life time.' And with that, Cerebos flung his hands in the air, the two items he had held crashing into the ceiling above, one with a deafening boom that forced everyone to cover their ears, the other with a hiss as dark smoke bellowed from its ends.

'No! Get him!' Barked Yakut, running forward into the smoke, swinging wildly in hopes of tripping the thief. The champion lay upon the ground, his hands over his ears as he howled in pain, while the two women bolted around each side of the temple, both with a pair of bolas at the ready.

Rounding the back wall both girls stood in shock as a man stepped from the shadows, several items falling from his hands as he scattered them into the air. Cerebos was scaling the wall, using the rope that had been dropped down.

Vega, having thrown the smoke sticks and thunder stones to cover the retreat, knelled and hauled Cerebos up, his eyes never leaving the spot the two women had been, his face pale. Surely it hadn't been Aki and Anna. 'Vega! Hop to it man! We need to lose them before the blizzard hits!'

Shaking himself from his fears Vega turned and ran, grabbing a torch from the banister nearby and dropping it into the pool of oil by one of the wooden supports as he ran, sealing the way as the beams took light and collapsed.

After a time the adventurers sat around their champion as one of the warrior women tended to his injures, cleaning the blood from the fur around his ear and face.

'We had him, he was right there, and we let him slip through our fingers' Yakut grumbled, staring at his friend as Anna bandaged the ear that had blown from the force of the thunder-stone. 'Did you girls happen to see who it was that assisted him in his escape?'

Anna, having finished tending to Madra, cast her gaze to Aki, who was sitting turning over the sword in her hands 'No, but by the look of him, he was marked, so we should have some luck when we make it to town'

'Anna, the only way out from here now is the other side of the mountain, and with Winter setting in we will be lucky if we make it to the next settlement, let alone back to the entrance they escaped from, he got us good'

Aki stood abruptly, sheathing her blade sharply 'Sir, we should move now, with a bit of luck we should be able to secure passage to Mil'Kurda, cut off his only available exit back into the Realm'

Aki cast a look to Anna, understanding passing between them as they locked gaze. Vega. At last they had found him.

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