Dragons mouth B&W

Astanor (C11)- a mostly human settlement found north of the Kurvern Mountains. The Astanorain people are a gentle folk focused on varied aspects of Herbalisum

Wavemeet(C7) - Fishing town specialized for arctic fishing, the population is small and tight-nit, and anyone who cannot provide is unwelcome. The town isn't without intellectuals however, rumors say that some are taking to subjecting themselves to rigorous trials in order to empower and grow closer to their totem spirits.

Willsden(D7) - A series of buildings rather than a real settlement. The only occupant in the town is a man by the name of Will, a Scroll-tainted of terrible power. To the Wavemeet citizens he serves as a witch-doctor/soothsayer due to his knowledge of medicines, and his habits of speaking in riddles about someones future.

Snowmelt(F5) - Named for the water that runs from the mountains,

Toldera(F8) - A small settlement to cater towards travelers, however most of the inhabitants live outside the settlements boundries.

Hampire(H5) - A sizable town, known best for being the birthplace of the greatest Fleet Commander of the Empire, Captain Erenhart the Iron of Hampire.

Junctyre(L5) - A town famous for their piracy, it isn't uncommon for members of the community to be involved in the smuggling trade. An infamous pirate of the town is Captain Rasp, said to put sailors to the sword when in a good mood, and to file through their bones while they bleed to death on a bad day.

The Ascendant Village(L8) - More a series of shacks than an actual village. Those who live here are a practical people who trade for wares rather than coin, given that gold and silver have far fewer uses than a bundle of sheep's wool or a bushel of apples.

Argons Keep(M4) - A solitary building crated from a white stone rests upon this cliff over looking the sea. No one has lived here for as long as anyone can remember given that the residence is considered haunted. Argon was said to have been a wealthy smuggler in his day and coveted gems above all else.

Hailing Cliffs(M8) - Lighthouse town that sprung up when a large family of humans made it a family tradition to tend the lighthouse. Everyone in this town is related in some way to Re'Ggie Ard, The Light Blessed

Hangers Bay(N5) - Hangers bay was once a town devoted to hunting down smugglers and pirates that sought to travel up or down the rivers that run either side of it. It gained its name from the fact that every captured smuggler was hung over the cliff walls as a warning. Now it is considered to be the most vile town for a faen to stumble into.











Wyddfa(B9) - Faen Settlement in the pineforests near Astanor, currently under protection from the Greenblades, a mageblade order focused on magic and al of the postive aspects of it, while counteracting that of the dark. Wyddfa has suffered several attacks over the last few years from undead.

Islands of Dragons Mouth

Light-Tree Split - A single solitary lighthouse stands upon this island of trees. According to officials it is manned by an old sailor who retired into the position. Rumors however paint a darker picture, a dark figure with tentacles for appendages and acid for sweat.






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