Silver Shadows is set some several hundred years after the 'Struggle of The Princes'. The legends forged from the events have caused many young men and women to make an attempt at becoming adventurers. The people who live here are a hardy lot, focusing on a set number of tasks that are passed from father/mother to son/daughter. This gives rise to names such as 'Leatherfoot' (Shoemaker), Wheathand' (Farmer), or even 'Stoneskin' (Blacksmiths and Stonemasons). It is not uncommon for wandering travellers or adventurers to take up as a journeyman in an establishment for a time.

Warriors are most common, with people learning to fight from an early age. However it is more than likely as they age the dreams of glory fade and they return to reality.

Any child who shows signs of magical talents are sent to the Magisters Collective near Innsmot, thereby losing their family name. Depending on their talents, children can spend the rest of their lives studying from the great Library, or will leave to find another way to further their magical arts. Sometimes, the child will simply shun their magical talents in order to return to their loved ones.\

However, unlike those gifted with magic, the Scroll-Tainted (Individuals who were born to bi-species relationships where one or more of the parents lines had been exposed to a particular scrolls magical discharge/aura) are almost universally shunned from society. Some tainted manage to blend in with the populace as their adaptations are minor (Longer fangs here, stronger fingernails there) but those unfortunate enough to have a stronger bloodline sometimes have furred ears, excess body hair, drawn faces, or sometimes even strikingly colored eyes (Amber/Yellow, Red or Neon Blue are most common) are often rounded up and pushed into settlements outside the normal trader routes, sometimes even put to death.

This campaign will begin in Mil'Kurvan, the central city of the West.

In this campaign there are several plot hooks to choose from.

  • The Spring Festival is just around the corner for Mil'Kurder, but the harsh winter has drained the stores. A Caravan is to be sent to Fieldstown in the south to barter for food. However with news of the Bandit hordes of the north taking refuge in the forests nearby, the town has elected to hire extra security. Each guard will receive a wage for each day. Jak Draggonward will be in charge of the supply run.
  • Several out-lying settlements were cut off from the supply lines during the snows. A team of brave souls, led by Alf'Hildr Carloman, are to make a sweep over these homes in search of survivors while also ascertaining the whereabouts of the Horde. Caution is being stressed for this mission. Payment upon return.
  • The Crafters Guild has placed a request for extra muscle to retrieve the haul left in the mines of stone and ore. While no trouble is to be expected, Sergeant Jak's older brother Shuyin will be fronting the expedition with fellow Crafters Ba-Higa Terrasound and Tamzen Shropshire. Payment per wagon retrieved, with a flat rate of 50 GP per member. Bonuses are possible
  • The local Hunters Guild needs to gather fresh kills for the festival, but they do not yet have enough numbers. Anyone with skills in the hunting field, or are simply willing to act as an extra pair of hands are urged to contact Rilgar Furfoot, Bear Totem and head of the Guild
  • Kalameet Aurel wishes for a handful of companions to join him in a glorious trip to the ruins of a long abandoned Dragon city in the Mountains, he expects the trip to conclude the day before the Spring Festival. As the current undefeated champion (and the Guildmember in charge of the qualifying rounds) he is required to attend. Payment to be negotiated.
  • Lynd-Sea of the Rivers Guild requires more ship hands to open the rivers to the coast so they might be able to fetch a fresh haul of Blue-Fin turtles for the festival. Payment of 8gp per day of work. NOTE - ANY WORKER WHO IS UNSATISFACTORY WILL BE SENT HOME MINUS THE DAYS PAYMENT. ANY DISPUTE WITH BE PUT TO THE COUNCIL.
  • An escort has been requested for a gentleman named Wilf Juhana, who has been trapped in town over winter. Wilf brought the news of the Bandit Horde being in the area. Extreme Caution Advised.
  • There have been a small string of robberies in the noble district. Reliable sources indicate that a master Thief has returned to town by the name of Cerebos Ficklehands. Yakut, a Disciple of Markos has posted a rich reward for whoever brings him to be tried. 1500GP, with 100GP for any information that leads to the capture of the individual.
  • Although it is the same job as above, a member of the cities militia believes it to be a local. Su Nickle'Medes has been approved an investigation into this claim, as tenuous as it may be. She wishes therefore for serious but careful applicants and will turn away anyone she deems a risk to the operation

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