Scroll-tainted are offspring of one or more parents who have a line to the events in the south of The Diamond Throne a few hundred years back, when a members of the Hearlds unleashed the power of one of the Key Scrolls, altering DNA receptors in anyone who came near it. A village between Brimsworth and the Litorain Plains became ground zero for the outbreak as they held the most diversity of all settlements at this time.

Population split

Human - 10%

Faen - 15%

Giant - 10%

Litorain - 33%

Sibiccai - 32%

Notable Scroll-Tained


Rau Heart Of The Wolf Clan, known as 'The Fang Of the Sands' for being the only known Tainted to build his own city for those like himself. His city of Agara'Bour is a safe haven for all, tainted or no.

Adrian Stonepaw, once believed to have hidden himself within the ranks of the army sent to round up other Tainted. What is known is that come morning all those who had been captured were released under strange orders and allowed to roam freely into the neighbouring Kingdoms. Stonepaw was later captured and pleaded guilty to blackmail, murder and impersonation of a Royal soldier. The sentence was beheading.


Mordan The Pale, the only known albino of his race to have ever exsisted. He was able to hide his taint for 45 years due to his illness, even managing to reach the position of Arch Mage within the 'Magisters College of Markos' but eventually a servent discovered his dark secret and attempted to blackmail his mentor. Mordan did not deny his heritage, and to avoid disgracing his own mentors stepped down from his position and became a priest of the Thousand Arm religion, acting as advisor, and later as husand for the Daughter of Eric, Mor'tisha

Mor'Tisha Cooper Ketrali O'Tun Uuslen, informally known and Tish is the daughter of Eric and Kita, a head strong and fiery warrior prone to quick action and foolish ideals. Tish was the first to unite those under her fathers name to act as a force for peace and acceptance towards those like her, who at the time were often called 'Mules' as many believed it was impossible for them to reproduce. This was proved false after her son was born. Toran Ketrali Aruun Estol, the Errant Priest.

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