In the Realm there are several different religions that people can choose to worship.

The two most common Gods worshipped are 'The Silver Shadows' (Six great warriors who transended their mortal coils to forge the world into what it is today), and 'The God Of A Thousand Arms' (Eric Cooper, granted a gift by powers unknown, seen as a god made flesh). However there are several more worldly religions abound, Pelor and Sarenrae are more common than the likes of Hextor or Kord but each has a place amongst the people.

Those who wish to give devotion to 'The Silver Shadows' usually wear a broach upon their breast of Six swords of silver behind a kite shield painted black. Those who follow this religion are a stead fast and earnest people, speaking only truths. The monarch is said to have been a devotee of the Silver Shadows since their assistance pushing back the barbarian hordes and securing the borders of the realm.

Worship of Thousand arms is a little more simple, yet at times confusing. To offer devotion one simply needs to trace a rune upon the butt of their weapon. it is believed that the Great One will hear your words and offer guidance in whatever way he can. Some claim to hear whispers, others believe protection in battle. The main teaching passed down is to accept everyone for who they are, pureblood or Scroll-tainted, everyone holds worth.

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