Mil'Kurvan is the central city of the West. It acts as an outpost for all the towns in the West, making it a bustling and thriving place of commerce. Because of this, Mil'Kurvan is vital to the realm and has been known previously as 'The Linchpin of The West' when hardships have struck.


Hunters Guild

The Hunters Guild is headed by Rilgar Padfoot, a Totem Warrior of considerable skill and power. Although he is reaching his 45th birthday the coming Summer, he is known to frequently enter the fields of his own accord, leaving the general note taking to his underling Briar Bamblechin, an up-and-coming Greenbond.


  • Rilgar Padfoot (Guild Master)
  • Briar Bamblechin (Squire to Guild Master)
  • Thistle Arbortounge (Lead Hunter)
  • Danny 'Dandilion' Trout-Limb (Recruiter)

Traders Guild

The Traders Guild manages the negotiations of prices, export and import within the walls of Mil'Kurvan. The members while not unkind, do what they do for the good of their purse. The main export from Mil'Kurvan is currently its wood and other carpentry wares, with the main import (besides food from Fieldstown) being the iron from Lake Jovial. Lazz Tricklewheel, born to the rich family that owns several of the water mills around town is the Guildmaster, a man who rarely leaves tasks to others.


  • Laaz Tricklewheel (Guildmaster, Lead Member)
  • Harvy Silverbeak (Squire)
  • David Goldbeard (Broker/Appraiser)
  • Alexi Silkskins (Broker/Appraiser)
  • Mustaine Fingersmith (Broker/Appraiser)

Adventurers Guild

Despite the number of adventurers that pass through this town, very few ever seek out the Adventurers Guild, mostly due to the fact in recent years the establishment has fallen into disrepair while under the guidance of its previous Guild Master. Now it falls to a man only known as Ardelt to pick up the pieces


  • Ardelt

Arcane Guild

The Arcane Guild is a very secretive guild, and will only interact with others who display arcane powers, and sometimes rarely with those who possess a powerful arcane item. The only member of this guild known to the public is Saze Lighteye, a tall thin man with multiple piercings in his face (and rumored throughout is body.)

Craft Guild

While the Traders Guild controls the prices, export and import, it falls to the Craft Guild (headed by Ar'Vola, a Giantess from the Diamond Kingdoms) to make the wonders in which they sell. Members here number in the thousands as no one is ever removed from the ledger even after death. Those of the guild have a strong friendship with their sister guilds in other towns, a fact well known to the Traders Guild. Currently Ar'Vola has not been seen for a few months, but her assistant, Sa'Dargret, claims she is simply working on her next masterpiece.

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