500 years ago an event known by most as 'The Struggle of the Princes' sent the Diamond Throne into Civil war. Sparked by the assassination of King Richard XVI, a power struggle began between Prince Oscar, and those who once advised King Richard. The details over the years have become hazy as each retelling has Oscar or the advisers moving their pieces differently, sometimes even switching positions as to which party assassinated the King. What has remained however are the names of those Oscar Oswald holds in highest esteem, Sa'Daget, Zenon, Zedizyr, Markos, Valmai, Au, Eric Cooper, Kita'Thalla, Gideon Altair, and Braun.

Not much is known about where the first five came from, or more importantly what brought them into the Kings service, but they did make their mark as Defenders of the Realm, and with their hard work and dedication the door in which the Dragons of Diamond Throne departed through was discovered.

This door connects to the Abysal plane, and since its opening, has bleed into the world, corrupting and creating Guardians of the Door that attempt to keep those who would become Defenders out. The door was destroyed by the Defenders after delving into the collective mind of the Akashic. No one has been able to rediscover the location of the Temple where the door was kept as none of the defenders left a way to find the remains.

Eric Cooper, also known as the God of A Thousand Arms, has become a symbol for a religion once seen as a cult. The teachings of Thousand arms religion are focused on acceptance and co-operation between races, continents, and if possible, worlds. Most who follow this religion will train with all simple and martial weapons, and if they show the talents of a spell caster, will be accepted into the magical community to train their mind as well as the body.

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